To our customers sending to India:

Due to the flooding in southern India, Ria is experiencing a delay to most money transfers to India. We are currently working to reestablish services. You can expect your money transfer to be either deposited or ready for pickup from an agent within the next 24-48 hours. We apologise for any inconvenience and hope for a quick recovery to the Kerala region.

About Euronet Worldwide
Trusted around the globe―and for good reason


A leading electronics payments provider for banks, retailers, service providers and individual consumers, Euronet Worldwide, Inc. acquired Ria Money Transfer in 2007.

And we’re glad they did. Just last year, Euronet Worldwide, Inc. processed 2.3 billion transactions and posted annual revenues of approximately $1.3 billion.

Today, Ria makes up one of the company’s three primary business segments. The other two include Electronic Financial Transactions (EFT) and Prepaid (ePay).

A Few Major Accomplishments

Euronet Worldwide operates the largest independent nationwide shared ATM network in India.

Processes as the largest payment network in the world for prepaid mobile top-ups.

Owns and operates one of the largest global money transfer companies in the world (Ria)!

With 3,900 employees in 39 countries, Ria extends Euronet's mission to spread the convenience and simplicity of electronic financial payment solutions through its dedicated people, integrated products and global presence.